Discover Sherry visits FITUR.

After many years I was able to visit FITUR again.  It has always been an interesting experience and has always allowed me the opportunity to dream of visiting amazing and far away places.  I wasn´t able to visit all of the pavillions but I have attached photos of some of the ones that I was able to squeeze in.  Of course, I had to see the Andalusia pavillion and I was very impressed by the variety of tourism opportunities that are available in all of the provinces.  The province of Cadiz was well represented and, of course, Sherry wines were at the forefront.

Después de mucho tiempo tuve la oportunidad de visitar FITUR este año.  Siempre es una experiencia y me da la oportunidad de soñar con visitar sitios maravillosos.  No me dio tiempo a visitar todos los pabellones pero aquí comparto algunas fotos de los que sí vi.  Por supuesto no me perdí el pabellón de Andalucía y es impresionante la oferta de todo tipo de turismo que ofrecen todas las provincias.  Cádiz estuvo muy bien representada y por supuesto no faltó el vino de Jerez.

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