Manzanilla, 50th Anniversary (English)


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This year marks the 50th anniversary since the creation of Manzanilla´s Designation of Origin. When fiManzanilla bottlerst published in the Designation of Origin Register on December 15, 1964, it was accredited as being made through a unique process and under very specific geographical circumstances, thus making Manzanilla a wine from one place only, Sanlúcar de Barrameda; Manzanilla can be made and aged nowhere else in the world. For the occasion and in recognition of Manzanilla as one of world of wine´s finest achievements, the Sherry Wine Council is launching a special promotional campaign and programme of commemorative activities.

Renowned oenologists, chefs, hospitality-sector professionals and members of the press are expected to take part in the many activities planned by the Sherry Wine Regulatory Council to commemorate the official constitution of D.O. Manzanilla. Events start off in Sanlúcar de Barrameda with an official ceremony on December 15, exactly 50 years to the day of the creation of the D.O. Manzanilla. The event will bring together officials from different organisations and institutions, bodega owners and some of Spain´s most outstanding food and wine experts.

Sanlúcar view

The ceremony will be preceded by a promotional campaign which includes a limited edition bottling of two Manzanilla wines: one “Fina” and the other a “Pasada” to commemorate the 50th anniversary. Another initiative is a film production highlighting the unique nature of Manzanilla, with a premiere viewing for guests at the official ceremony on December 15.

Activities will continue throughout 2015, expanding to nearby Seville, which is Manzanilla´s major market and its prime showcase to the world. A major professional trade fair is planned to be held there in April, bringing every Manzanilla brand name together under one roof and coinciding with their peak season for sales. Another Manzanilla stronghold, Madrid, will join in by hosting a master tasting session during its yearly gourmet food & wine summit, Madrid Fusion, which attracts food and wine experts from around the country.


Manzanilla is such a special and unique wine, thanks to centuries of wisdom and tradition forged at Sanlúcar´s bodegas, together with a set of climatic conditions found nowhere else in the world. A merging of factors that lend Manzanilla its genuine character and set it apart from any other wine in the Jerez Region and, needless to say, anywhere else in the world.


Manzanilla´s ageing process is dynamic, based on the traditional solera y criadera system, unique to this winemaking region. It produces what is called velo de flor, truly a part of oenology´s “world heritage”. It is precisely this velo de flor, or layer of yeast, that covers the wine and interacts with it during the ageing process which lends Manzanilla its unique character. The coastal town´s exceptional weather conditions are what allow this particular velo de flor to appear, giving Manzanilla its superbly unique nuances.

Although Manzanilla is known and loved around the world and has become a proud ambassador of Sanlúcar to all five continents, over the centuries it has essentially earned most of its recognition as a domestic wine. As a matter of fact, over 90% of the 9,5 million bottles of Manzanilla sold yearly are for Spai35265078n´s domestic market.

Synonymous with joy and celebration, Manzanilla is an original of the highest order, earning the approval of both experts and wine lovers everywhere. Its versatility and rich nuances offer an enormous range of possibilities in food and wine pairing, something which has undoubtedly played a role in its success, whether with traditional tapas and the most cutting-edge gourmet creations.

As a wine whose identity owes much to the sea, without which it wouldn´t exist, there is perhaps no better pair for Manzanilla than fish and seafood. Given its proximity, much of its success can be traced to Mediterranean cuisine featuring products from the sea.

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