D´Sherry Explorers: Visita a Williams and Humbert/ D´Sherry Explorers: Visit to Williams and Humbert

flyer visita W&H borrador

Ya está todo listo para la primera visita de este año de D´Sherry Explorers  que será nada menos que a la Bodega Williams & Humbert, ¡la mayor bodega de Europa!  Su enóloga, Paola Medina, nos acompañará y seguro que aprenderemos muchas cosas sobre la historia de la bodega y sobre sus vinos y brandies.

El grupo es limitado por lo que pido a los Sherry Explorers que reserven su plaza lo antes posible.  La visita como veis será el martes 10 de marzo y nos veremos todos allí a las 12:00 h.

All is ready for our first visit of the year.  The D´Sherry Explorers will be visiting Williams & Humbert, the largest winery in Europe!  Their enologist, Paola Medina, will be our guide and there is no doubt that we will learn a lot about the history of the bodega, its wines, and its brandies.  

The group is limited in number, so I ask the D´Sherry Explorers, that want to attend, to please make your reservation as soon as possible.  The visit as you can see on the flyer will be on Tuesday, March 10th and we will meet at the bodega at 12 pm (noon).

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