Video del III Jueves D´Sherry Explorers, 19 de marzo

Aquí os paso el video con las fotos del III Jueves del 19 de febrero.  Como recordaréis nos juntamos casi 100 personas, aprendimos mucho de los nuevos vinos de Cádiz de la mano de sus hacedores de vinos y pasamos un rato estupendo catándolos y disfrutándolos con las tapas de los Sherry Explorers.  Además,  ¡¡¡ya hemos llegado a 148 Sherry Explorers!!!

Here is the video that contains the photos of the Third Thursday that was held on the 19th of February.  As you recall, there were nearly 100 persons present; we learned a lot about, and directly from the makers of, the wines of Cadiz province; and we had a great time tasting them along with the tapas provided by the Sherry Explorers.  One more thing –  we are now 148 Sherry Explorers strong!!

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