International Sherry Week 7-13 November 2016 (English)


The annual global celebration showcases Sherry Wines through a network of public and private events in bars, restaurants, hotels, bodegas, universities, tabancos, and wine clubs around the world simultaneously during the week of November 7th – 13th, 2016.

International Sherry Week is an opportunity for foodies and wine aficionados around the world to take their palates on a journey, sampling one of the most emblematic elements of Spanish culture – Sherry Wines.  Now in it’s 3rd year, International Sherry Week brings together thousands of #sherrylovers in a multitude of events in more than 25 countries every year.


There is no limitation to the creativity of your event!  You can create an entirely new Sherry Pairing menu for the week or simply highlight one of your personal favorite Sherry Pairings or Cocktails on the menu during the week.  Some examples are: Sherry wine pairing dinners, Sherry tastings with certified Sherry educators and sommeliers, Sherry cocktails, Sherry and Tapas tasting menu etc.. It doesn´t have to be anything envolved.  Just a group of friends getting together or the Spanish Clubs or Associations all over the world can toast with a glass of jerez and enjoy these amazing and unique wines from Spain with some tapas.

We have been celebrating every year with a fun activity (and healthy!)  ZUMBA & SHERRY.  Last year over 200 people attended our Zumba Master Class and after enjoyed a glass of Sherry Wine and some tapas.  Unfortunately we won´t be able to hold this event this year but here is the idea for anyone who likes it.  It could also be “Pump & Sherry”, Swim & Sherry”,  “Cycle & Sherry”,  “Yoga or Pilates & Sherry”  lots to choose from.


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