Desafiando al paladar con Pepe Ferrer en Bespoke/Challenging our palates with Pepe Ferrer at Bespoke


Desafiamos al paladar de la mano de Pepe Ferrer en Bespoke un Sherry Bar singular en El Puerto de Santa María.  Fue una cata de seis sabores del mundo mundial.  Pero no era una cata con tapas o platos para maridar con los excelentes vinos de Gutiérrez Colosía, sino seis geles cada uno con el sabor de uno de los platos.

We challenged our palates, as directed by Pepe Ferrer at the Bespoke Sherry Bar which is a unique place in El Puerto de Santa María.  It was a sherry-wine tasting paired with flavors from all around the world.  Although it wasn´t a typical tasting that was paired with tapas or dishes.  Rather, we tasted excellent wines from the Gutiérrez Colosía Bodega, with six sauces that each had the essential flavors of a particular dish.collage-1

Pepe elabora estos geles él mismo utilizando una materia prima fresca y de gran calidad.  Las cucharas con los diferentes geles salieron una a una e intentamos averiguar por el olor y sabor que eran.  Luego los fuimos probando con los distintos vinos y experimentamos cómo se potenciaban los distintos sabores o se suavizaban,  cómo un vino relajaba o aumentaba el picor.  Una experiencia muy interesante.

Pepe creates these sauces himself by utilizing fresh materials of superior quality.  The spoons with the different sauces were introduced to us one by one, and we would try to identify what they consisted of by their smell and taste.   Then we would taste the different wines and we would experience how the taste of the sauces were either amplified or reduced.  For example, how a particular wine would increase or decrease the spiciness of one of the sauces.  It was a very interesting experience.


Pasamos muy buen rato con nuestros amigos de Gutierrez Colosía y de Bespoke.  Pepe Ferrer, que por cierto es Sherry Explorer, será nuestro invitado en la reunión de los Sherry Explorers del 17 de febrero de 2017 y desafiaremos al paladar.

We had a great time with our friends from the Gutierrez Colosía Bodega and from Bespoke.  Pepe Ferrer, who by the way is a Sherry Explorer, will be our guest speaker at the Sherry Explorers meeting on February 17,  2017, where we will again challenge our palates.


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