Homenaje a Shakespeare/A Tribute to Shakespeare

Celebramos el XII Homenaje a William Shakespeare, un enamorado del Sherry,  frente a su momumento en el Parque González Hontoria.    Un buen grupo de fieles a este evento nos dimos cita  al mediodía del sábado, 2 de septiembre.  Gracias a todos los Sherry Explorers que compartisteis este homenaje.

We celebrated the XII Tribute to William Shakespeare, a lover of Sherry wine,  in front of the monument which is dedicated to him and which stands in the González Hontoria Park in Jerez.    A good group of loyal attendees to this yearly tribute gathered at noon on Saturday, the 2nd of September.  Thanks to all of the Sherry Explorers who joined us at this year´s gathering.

Pepe Jiménez nos dio la bienvenida y dijo unas palabras sobre esta conmemoración anual.  Se hizo la tradicional ofrenda floral, el recital poético en español e inglés, y  luego brindamos con el jerez de honor, Cruz Vieja Fino en Rama.

Pepe Jiménez greeted us and provided an inspirational synopsis of the history relating to this annual event.   The traditional floral offering was made, as well as the now-traditional recital of Shakespearean poetry, both in Spanish and in English.  Afterwards, a fitting toast was made with the Sherry of Honor,  Cruz Vieja Fino en Rama.

El bodeguero Jaime González García-Mier, venenció un estupendo y fresquito Fino Cruz Vieja con el que brindamos un año más  en honor al mayor promotor de los Sherry Wines en la Inglaterra de finales del siglo XVI.  Después fuimos a tomar unas tapitas a Val de Pepe, uno de nuestros restaurantes favoritos (calle Paraíso 3, Jerez).

Winery Owner Jaime González García-Mier,  extracted, with a traditional venencia,  his amazing and cold Fino Cruz Vieja Fino en Rama.  Once again, as we do every year, we toasted to the most important promoter of Sherry wine in England, during the end of the 16th century.  Afterwards, we shared some tapas at one of our favorite restaurants, Val de Pepe, which is located at Calle Paraíso 3, in  Jerez.

Os dejamos un enlace de un interesante artículo de Tim Ginty (Inglés).  Here is a link to an interesting article by Tim Ginty.



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