El intenso año de los Sherry Explorers /An Intense Year for the Sherry Explorers

Ha sido un año estupendo.  Hemos hecho visitas interesantísimas, hemos tenido invitados geniales en nuestras reuniones, y hemos aprendido mucho sobre nuestros vinos y brandies de jerez.  Somos más de 550 Sherry Explorers.  Nos visitaron de Puente Dey (Burgos) y participamos en el Sherry Festival de San Sebastian con dos catas estupendas.  Este es nuestro vídeo resumen de un intenso y maravilloso año.

It has been a wonderful year!  We have made very interesting visits, we have had fascinating guest speakers at our meetings, and we have learned a lot about our Sherry wines and brandies.  We are now more than 550 Sherry Explorers strong.  We were visited by a group of friends all the way  from Puente Dey, in Burgos, and we also participated in San Sebastian Sherry Festival, in the Basque Country, where we hosted two unforgettable wine tastings.  What follows is a video review of a very intense and enjoyable year.

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