Discover Sherry recommends: Kitu Snacks, aperitivos sanos y ricos (healthy and tasty appetizers)

Os recomendamos Kitu, unos aperitivos sanos, ricos y crujientes que llegan desde la Sierra Andina de Ecuador donde el plátano macho, la zanahoria blanca andina, la yuca trópical, la batata morada o remolacha andina son recolectados y preparados como un “slow food” .  Ernesto García, hijo de nuestra Sherry Explorer en León, Charo Marqués, es uno de los creadores.  Los hemos tomado un una copita de Fino y …estupendos!  Os dejamos este artículo del Diario de León sobre este aperitivo tan original.  (

We highly recommend Kitu snacks!   They are healthy appetizers that are tasty and crunchy.  They originated in the Andes mountains in Ecuador where the plantain, Andean white carrot, the tropical yucca, the purple yam, and the Andean beet root are all harvested and prepared like a “slow food.”   Ernesto García, who is the son of our  Sherry Explorer in the City of  León, Charo Marqués, is one of their creators.  We have tried some of the Kitu snacks along with a glass of Fino Sherry and they were fantastic!  Attached is an article, in Spanish, that appeared in the Diario de León  newspaper and  which tells the story about these very unique appetizers.  The English version of Kitu´s  website can be found at:


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