Ya falta muy poco para la International Sherry Week: vamos a participar!! International Sherry Week is coming soon, Let´s participate!!

Os animamos a todos los Sherry Explorers del mundo mundial a participar en la International Sherry Week.  Es muy fácil y puedes ganar un sherry regalo.  Haz algo relacionado con el Vino de Jerez o Manzanilla de Sanlúcar.  Reúne a algunos amigos y brinda por la International Sherry Week. Organiza una reunión o cena, reuniros en algún sitio típico de tu ciudad.  Si es con nuestra mascota, EDU, mejor!!   Os lo adjunto.  Toda la información en este enlace: Crear evento Sherryweek

We are enccouraging all Sherry Explorers, located throughout the world, to participate in the celebration of International Sherry Week.  It is very simple to sign-up and you might even win a Sherry prize.  Do anything that is related to Sherry wine or Sanlúcar manzanilla wine.  Gather a few friends and make a toast in honor of  International Sherry Week. Organize a gathering or a dinner in a place that is representative of your ciy and/or region.  If our mascot EDU is present, even better!   Below, I have attached EDU´s image for your use.  More information relating to the celebration of International Sherry Week is contained in the following link:   Register your Sherryweek event



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