Exquisito mosto de los Sherry Explorers en la Viña La Zarzuela.!!/ Exquisite Must-wine created by the Sherry Explorers at the La Zarzuela Vineyard!

Los Sherry Explorers que habían cogido las uvas y pisarlas con sus pies, nos reunimos en la Viña La Zarzuela para probar este vino joven o mosto.  ¡Estaba exquisito! Hizo un día precioso y disfrutamos de la viña a tope.

The Sherry Explorers, who had harvested grapes and crushed them with their bare feet this past summer, got together again at the La Zarzuela Vineyard in order to taste what had been converted into a young wine or “wine must.”  It was exquisite!  It was a beautiful day  and we thoroughly enjoyed our reunion at the vineyard.

Joaquín hizo un ajo riquísimo que junto a otras tapas que llevamos entre todos, degustamos con el mosto Sherry Exploriano (¿¿¿???)

Joaquín made a delicious “ajo” (a traditional type of tomato and bread pudding) which was complemented by the other tapas which we all brought to share.  All of those dishes paired well with the new wine must.  Shall we call it “Sherry Exploriano?” La berza que hicieron Paquita y Victoria fue también un éxito total.  Hay un nivelazo enogastronómico en los Sherry Explorers.

The berza (a traditional country-stew) which Paquita and Victoria made was also a huge hit.  Within the Sherry Explorers in general, we enjoy the incredible eno-gastronomic skills of many.Con los postres (¡¡todos light, sin calorías!!) José Manuel, el viticultor, nos dio a probar su vino espumoso “XX”, genial!

Muchas gracias a todos los Sherry Explorers vendimiadores y sobre todo a José Manuel Bustillo por ese mosto y por esa maravillosa viña en la que nos hace sentirnos como en casa.

Along with the desserts (all of them “light” and without calories, of course!) José Manuel,  the wine-maker, treated us to a taste of his very own sparkling wine “XX”. It was great!

Thank you to all of the Sherry Explorer wine-harvesters.  And, special thanks to José Manuel Bustillo for providing us with his must-wines and with access to his vineyard, at which he always makes us feel at home.

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