Gracias a nuestra Sherry Explorer Honoraria, Mónica Zhou, que nos ha enviado a EDU con su mascarilla desde Shanghai. Nos recomienda a todos a usarla así como guantes, lavarse bien y mucho las manos y mantener la distancia al salir.  GRACIAS, Mónica por tus importantes consejos basados en tu reciente experiencia en China!!

Many thanks to our Honorary Sherry Explorer, Mónica Zhou, who has sent us, from Shanghai, an image of EDU wearing his surgical mask.  By doing so, she recommends that, if we leave our homes temporarily,  we all wear a mask, as well as gloves.  She also reminds us that it is important that we wash our hands well and maintain a safe distance between others.

Thank you very much Mónica, for this important advice that is based on your recent daily experience in China.


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