SAVE THE DATE: International Sherry Week 2021 (English)

Calling all Sherry Explorers throughout the world!!  We all have to make a note on our calendars and start making plans for what we plan to do in order to celebrate International Sherry Week this year.   We invite each and every one of you to organize a special event in your respective country, province, and/or city in order to share and celebrate Sherry wines with your friends and families! 

Triple-award-winning International Sherry Week coincides with Copa Jerez for a Sherry celebration extraordinaire 8-14 November 2021.

This year, the eighth International Sherry Week, the largest celebration of wines from Southern Spain in the world, takes place on 8-14 November. Under the auspices of the D.O. of Jerez-Xérès-Sherry and Manzanilla, the event which started in 2014 has grown in reach and popularity every year.

A full programme of events in the world’s biggest sherry party will include both online and offline gatherings, a dynamic hybrid version which is perfectly suited to the needs and tastes of sherry aficionados in today’s unpredictable world. Tastings, pairings and innumerable other Sherry-tastic happenings will cater for wine-lovers who want in-person experiences, while virtual functions will bring Sherry to those who, either by choice or necessity, are at home.

The entire Sherry community will come together, as every year, to delve deeper into this versatile wine from southern Spain which pairs so beautifully with all types of food. (Consejo Regulador De La D O ‘Jerez Xeres Sherry’)

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