“Te invitamos a que conozcas, valores y disfrutes a través de nuestra cocina y bodega toda la verdad que ofrece Jerez, su campiña, su huerta y la mar gaditana.”  Estas palabras son un buen resumen de este restaurante con una Estrella Michelin que se encuentra en la Plaza de Aladro en Jerez.  Puedes elegir entre dos menús de degustación “Arcilla” o “Caliza” que Israel Ramos, el chef, elabora meticulosamente.  Cada plato es una pequeña obra de arte que en la boca nos emociona y nos lleva al mar, a la sierra, o a la huerta de esta tierra. 

No podía faltar una completísima bodega en la que los vinos del Marco del Jerez tienen un lugar primordial.  La magnífica sumiller, Kristell Monot que es Sherry Explorer, os guiará y aconsejará.  También os atenderán Vanessa y Luis, encantadores.  Todo el equipo es excepcional.  DISCOVER SHERRY os recomendamos esta experiencia de corazón.


“We invite you to come experience, evaluate, and enjoy our cuisine and our selection of wines, which represent the reality that is offered by the area of Jerez, through its agriculture, its harvests, and from waters off the coast of the province of Cadiz.” These words are a good summary of the Michelin 1-star Mantúa restaurant.  It is located in the city of Jerez de la Frontera in the “Plaza de Aladro.”  The chef, Israel Ramos, offers two “tasting menus” which he meticulously prepares and which he calls “Arcilla” and “Caliza.”  Each dish offered in these menus contains small works of art which enliven your palate and transport you to the sea, the mountains, and the gardens of this land. 

Of course, the restaurant maintains a very complete wine cellar in which Sherry wines are on of the dominant features.   Kristell Monot, who is a magnificent sommelier and a Sherry Explorer, will guide you in the perfect selection of your wines.  Staff members, Vanessa and Luis, who are also very nice and helpful, make up the rest of an exceptional team.  DISCOVER SHERRY highly recommends this experience.

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