Discover Sherry recommends: THE BOOK OF SHERRY WINES, César Saldaña.

For all our English speaking Sherry Explorers and Sherry friends, we highly recommend: The Book of Sherry Wines.  The author, César Saldaña, is one of the most knowledgeable experts in Sherry wines, Manzanilla and Brandy from the Marco de Jerez.  He is also an Honorary Sherry Explorer.  

The Book of Sherry Wines has now been translated into English! Everything you need to know about Sherry and Manzanilla wines, explained with exactitude and careful research, but also with enthusiasm and passion.

Discovering the extraordinary diversity of sherry is a monumental journey through oenology, history and culture. But, while it embraces a widely varied range of wines and a unique character, sherry doesn’t need to be a cryptic subject. Its singularity, resulting from more than 3,000 years of history, genuine natural conditions, and knowledge accumulated over centuries by vine-growers and winemakers, can all be explained and understood. César Saldaña is an excellent guide to lead us through the fascinating world of these unique wines.

For further information check the website of the Consejo Regulador:

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