Paella and Fino in San Antonio, TX


Discover Sherry´s family and friends,  in San Antonio, Texas, enjoyed a great paella and Fino Sherry.

Familiares y amigos de Discover Sherry en San Antonio, Texas, disfrutaron de una paella estupenda y vino fino de Jerez.


Faced with the choice of which sherry to buy, they decided to get one of each.

Ante la duda de qué fino comprar, compraron uno de cada uno de los que había en la tienda.


Looks like they had a great Sherry time!!  Love the aprons!!

Parece  que lo pasaron estupendo.  ¡Nos encantan los delantales!


Great San Antonio Sherry Moment!

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  1. The pleasures of life can be so simple at times. Enjoy life with friends, family and a good sherry. Perfect ambiance.!! OLE!


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