Now reading: “Sherry” by Julian Jeffs.

Julian Jeff

In 2010 after I did the Sherry Educator Course, I started reading about these unique wines to try and learn as much as I could.  One of the books I read was the 5th edition of “Sherry” by Julian Jeffs.  Very helpfull and with a lot of new information I had not heard before.   I was able to get the newly published 6th revised edition of “Sherry” and  it is my current bedtime reading.  Much has changed since he first wrote his book many years ago. Technological advances mean that the way the wines are made has changed, many bodegas have disappeared and the drinking fashions also influences the types of sherry produced. I am really enjoying reading again “Sherry”   with all the latest updates.

 Julian Jeffs is an attorney but before practicing as such he worked in a bodega in Jerez and visited the city many times becoming a real expert in sherry wines.  He visited a few months ago when finishing the details for this last edition and I was lucky to meet him and his wife at the Fernando de Castilla Bodega.


Waiting in line is another book also in English and which I received a few weeks ago.   “A Modern Guide to the Wine World´s Best-Kept Secret: SHERRY”.  Written by WALIA BAIOCCHI who is the editor-in-chief of PUNCH, an online magazine focused on wine, spirits, and cocktails. Previously, Baiocchi was the wine editor for Eater and a columnist at Wine Spectator.  She has written for the San Francisco Chronicle, Decanter, Bon Appétit, and Wine & Spirits magazine, among others. In 2013, she was named a top new talent in the food and wine world in Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30” feature.  She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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  1. Your bedside reading pile looks very like mine! 🙂


  2. Yes, so much to learn and so little time………..


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