Fifty Shades of …


Fifty Shades of … Sherry:  you will experience the mystery, the ambiguity, the thrill, the pleasure, the delight, the ecstasy.  Take a sip of your favourite Sherry, close your eyes and dream away….

Diversity is undoubtedly one of the identifying characteristics of sherry: fino, manzanilla, oloroso, palo cortado, moscatel… different wines which present us with what appears to be an endless spectrum of colours, as infinite as the extraordinary variety of their bouquet, taste and texture.

This diversity allows us to enjoy a glass of Sherry at any moment.  There is a Sherry to pair with every dish. There is a Sherry for every moment, to celebrate, to meditate, to love….

 “DISCOVER  SHERRY” and immerse yourself in new experiences!!

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