Sherry Sessions with Virginia Miller (English)

Sherry Sessions


Sherry Wine Educator
El Puerto de Santa María , Spain

Describe Sherry in 3 words

Incredible, unique, profound

What is your all-time favourite Sherry and food pairing and why, and what soundtrack would you play with this pairing?

It´s hard to choose only one. It depends on the momment, the company, the food, how I feel. But if I had to choose I would go with amontillado or a good palo cortado paired with a good jamón, sushi or guacamole. If I were alone or with Al, I would listen to The Sound of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel.

Who do you prefer to drink Sherry Wine with?

With everyone . If they like it great, we all enjoy, if they don´t know about sherry, I love to tell them all about it and see them falling in love with it. Also sometimes alone, just a good glass of sherry and I.

What’s your favourite Sherry and why?

Though question. I prefer the generoso or dry sherries.

How will you celebrate International Sherry Week?

We, D´Sherry Explorers, have organized a Gala Dinner at The Regulatory Council in Jerez and the next day, Discover Sherry and Dance & Friends, have organized a Zumba & Sherry Master Class at the Castillo San Marcos in El Puerto. I also hope to attend the Sherry tasting and Japanese pairing at Bodega Faustino González in Jerez.

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