Bodegas Urium y los Sherry Explorers celebran la International Sherry Week/The Urium Winery and the Sherry Explorers celebrate International Sherry Week

La Bodega Urium es una bodega de vinos de jerez muy especial.   Un grupo de Sherry Explorers la visitamos como parte de las actividades que organizamos para la International Sherry Week.  Alonso, Rocío y Mario nos hicieron sentirnos como en casa.  Catamos vinos increíbles que disfrutamos con tapitas que llevamos los Sherry Explorers.  Alonso nos contó la historia, cómo su amor a los vinos del Marco le animó a comprar la bodega hace 10 años y cómo la tipicidad y la elegancia son las principales características de sus vinos.  Alonso, además de vinatero de primera, canta de maravilla y aquí os dejamos un ejemplo en este vídeo de la visita.

The Urium Winery is a winery with very special sherry wines.   A group of Sherry Explorers visited Urium as one of the activities that we organized in order to celebrate International Sherry Week.  Alonso, Rocío y Mario made us all feel at home.  We tasted some incredible wines, and paired them with the delicious tapas that were provided by our fellow Sherry Explorers.  Alonso told us the story about how his love for Sherry wines inspired him to buy the winery 10 years ago.  He emphasized that the characteristic tipicity and elegance of his wines are what makes their wines stand out.  Alonso, in addition to being an excellent vintner, is an incredible singer.  Attached, we provide an example in the video which we compiled as a result of our visit.

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