Discover Sherry recommends: “FOC PIM PAM” Spanish Restaurant in Singapore

Si vais a Singapur os recomendamos el restaurante español “FOC PIM PAM”.  Sirven una gran variedad de tapas riquísimas y tienen una interesante bodega con un buen número de vinos españoles entre los que no podían faltar excelentes vinos de jerez.

If you visit Singapore, we highly recommend that you visit the Spanish Restaurant “FOC PIM PAM.” They serve a great variety of very tasty tapas and they have an equally interesting  wine cellar with many  Spanish wines including, of course, some great Sherry wines.

Fran, Jordi, Javi, Mikel, Justin, todos españoles y encantadores, nos hicieron sentirnos como en casa.  Gracias a todos. Comimos de maravilla, brindamos con buenos vinos del Marco del Jerez y pasamos un rato estupendo, una vez más, gracias por una experiencia genial.

Fran, Jordi, Javi, Mikel, and Justin, who are all really nice, and are all from Spain, made us feel right at home.  Thanks to everyone.  We had excellent and authentic Spanish food, and we made several toasts, with some great Sherry Wines, thanking them for such a wonderful experience.



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