International Sherry Week, My Top 3


City:   El Puerto de Santa María  Country: Spain

Twitter: @discoversherry

1. Name your most memorable Sherry experience and why?

It was October of 1998 in El Paso , Texas, where I was living. There was a huge celebration commemorating the quadricentennial  anniversary of the arrival of Spanish settlers to El Paso.  I thought it would be a perfect time to create a sister-city relationship between the cities of Jerez and El Paso.  So, that´s what we did.  The delegation that came from Jerez, of course, brought Sherry and Brandy and it was served at various events.  Just seeing the citizens of the City of El Paso, which is located in the middle of a Chihuahuan desert in the Southwest U.S., with a catavino in their hands and enjoying Sherry was……….unforgettable.

2. Can you share with us one of your favorite ways to enjoy Sherry wines?

One of my favorite ways to enjoy it is when I conduct tastings and pairings and I can see the attendees falling in love with Sherry wines as they learn more about them.  There is no doubt in my mind that the key to enjoying Sherry wines is through Sherry Education.  Another of my favorite ways is when we visit  bodegas and have the privilege of trying a sherry wine straight out of the bota.

3. Where is one place you will be OR would like to be celebrating International Sherry Week in 2014?

I will be deep in the Sherry triangle (with the D´Sherry Explorers) tasting Sherry with sushi and other Japanese delights, dancing Zumba and drinking Fino Quinta, and enjoying  a Sherry tasting and pairing lunch at the Forlong vineyards with good friends.

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